Factory Audit

Factory Audit

Factory Audit

We have developed efficient practice for investigating, evaluating and choosing the best suppliers matching our customers’ needs. Although the range of available products is wide around the world, access to clear and accurate information is sometimes difficult to find.

Schmalberg Trading considers following aspects, when performing the factory audit:

  • Factory ownership, business registration, and organizational structure;
  • Factory exists and is operational;
  • Infrastructure, facilities, cleanliness and security;
  • Equipment, production, and capacity;
  • Quality control, testing, and product standards awareness;
  • Environmental controls;
  • Raw material supply chain.


Through manufacturing audit, we ensure:

  • Machinery is suitable to manufacture your product
  • Factory management is competent
  • Your supplier uses only quality vendors
  • Finished product will be stored safely
  • Production will start and finish on time

Schmalberg Trading provides all the legal, financial and commercial data and information of the factory, after an audit is completed.