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  1. Meril Ward says:

    Writers and journalists take a belittling tone when dealing with the scope of what China has been trying to do for 55 years.

    1. Mark Jenkins says:

      You’ve raised an important topic.

  2. Dudley Diaz says:

    China is loaning hundreds of billions of dollars to fund infrastructure construction in foreign countries during an economic slowdown at home — a recipe that could spell disaster if it fails to stimulate the Chinese economy or leaves poor countries hopeless.

  3. Aaron Hic says:

    It’s almost as though there’s no demand for improved infrastructure in Kazakhstan and Laos.

  4. Timothy B. says:

    China’s railway from the Pacific to London showcases the country’s turn toward Europe at a time of tension with the United States.

  5. Larry Thames says:

    China’s answer to the question “How can the world win-win?”

  6. Tracy Glastrong says:

    Very impressive blog. Interesting article right on the subject.

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